Given the current Covid-19 crisis and the challenge’s it has brought YELOBLADE Ltd. has teamed up with ProtoProducts Ltd. to developĀ  and manufacture a low cost solution to enhance the safety of passengers in road vehciles.

Car Cocoon is an innovative protection screen designed to be used in all vehicles to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Car Cocoon enables social distancing /infection control measures to be maintained when more than one occupant is using a standard vehicle.


This solution offers peace of mind to both passenger and driver knowing that there are additional measures in place before they enter the vehicle.


The Car Cocoon can be installed or un-installed from a vehicle within minutes. This allows the vehicle operator to clean or disinfect the screen regularly and have the vehicle available for use as required.


The Car Cocoon:

  • Enables Social-distancing for patients and frontline workers to be transported safely between sites and home

  • Supports essential behaviours of self-isolation

  • Can be installed/removed with ease and be fitted to any standard vehicle

  • Made from durable material suitable for repetitive cleaning and disinfection

  • In short it’s PPE for Vehicles


If you or your company has a COVID-19 related technical problem that we might be able to solve please get in touch with us through our contact form.